Немного запоздалые итоги музыкального года.

1. The Raconteurs "Consolers Of The Lonely"
2. The Last Shadow Puppets "The Age Of The Understatement"
3. Cut Copy "In Ghost Colours"
4. Buckethead "Albino Slug"
5. The Do "A Mouthful"
6. Santogold "Santogold"
7. Metallica "Death Magnetic"
8. Tricky "Knowle West Boy"
9. Black Kids "Partie Traumatic"
10. Boris "Smile"
11. Black Mountain "In The Future"
12. Oasis "Dig Out Your Soul"
13. Sparks "Exotic Creatures Of The Deep"
14. AC/DC "Black Ice"
15. The Black Keys "Attack & Release"
16. The Magnetic Fields "Distortion"
17. Primal Scream "Beautiful Future"
18. Meshuggaah "obZen"
19. The Sound Of Animals Fighting "The Ocean and The Sun"
20. Sons and Daughters "This Gift"

И по традиции бонус за самый оригинальный релиз года: Van Canto "Hero"

@музыка: Bonobo "Between The Lines (feat. Bajka)"